About the Miko Group

The Miko Group is a vertically integrated group, which in 2018 achieved a consolidated turnover of 210 million EUR.

The company goes back to the year 1801, more than 200 years ago, when Leonardus Michielsen started a grocery shop dealing in colonial merchandize. It was only at the turn of the century, around the year 1900, that the enterprise decided to develop a coffee roasting business under the Miko brand name as its main activity.

In the seventies, the strategic decision was made to focus the coffee activities towards the Out-of-Home market. This is the market segment where the customer consumes coffee outside his home, namely in catering and in the office. Miko no longer wanted to focus on the sales of coffee as a mass product, whereby the success is measured by the number of tons of coffee sold. The focus switched to coffee service. In this way, significant value is added to the ‘kilo of coffee’, by developing around it a total service including telesales, technical service, delivery services and an extensive range of complementary products.

The Belgian ‘model’ of the typical Miko coffee service was subsequently exported abroad through acquisitions. At present Miko owns and manages coffee service subsidiaries in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Australia. Coffee service currently represents 53% of the consolidated turnover.

Out of the coffee roasting department, which in 1958 launched the one-cup coffee filter, and which as such acquired significant expertise in the area of plastics, the second core activity of the Miko Group developed itself next to the coffee service division, namely plastics processing.

The plastics processing division produces high quality plastic packaging for the food and cosmetic industries, and has production plants in Belgium, Poland and Indonesia. The customers are to a large extent big multinationals active in food and cosmetics. At present the plastics processing division accounts for 47% of group turnover, and realises 96% of its turnover with clients outside the Miko Group.